Take care of clothes with 7 easy steps. 7 tricks, and several benefits

Taking care of clothes is, the art of washing clothes...

Clothes become unique from the moment we put them on. No matter how many of them there are on the market, each person's style makes that garment special and looks different. 

I could even buy clothes with love, some leave us very good memories, others pass through our lives without further ado, and others, however, are here to stay. The same thing happens with clothes, or almost the same. Are you sure you remember a sweater, dress, pants... that was present at an important event? And that is why it is special and you will always remember it.

But we all know that not all clothes can stay or spend a long time with us, since their quality, fabrics, clothing, etc. depend on that. We recommend our article Why buy brands? Where we talk about the importance of buying quality brands and clothing from a different point of view.

Although all clothes do not last the same, either because of their quality or because of the use we give them, it is essential that they are washed carefully. In this way we will be able to give our clothes the care they deserve, so that they are always like the first day. With some very easy tricks and within everyone's reach, we will avoid committing accidents that can end in an unwanted change in color or size, while extending the life of our garments... Here we go!


On a day-to-day basis, putting the washing machine on ends up being almost a nightmare, but when we tell you about the time you'll save ironing and how good your clothes will shine thanks to following 7 tricks, you'll surely grow fond of this routine.

Without spending money, saving for yourself and the planet, you can improve the appearance of your clothes.

7 simple but efficient tricks

1- Read the labels carefully

Labels are like the instruction manual for clothes, it seems crazy to think that clothes come with instructions, right? But it isn't. The labels on the clothes are not instructions for use (that would be a bit crazy), however, they are an aid for washing and it is very important to respect them so as not to have surprises when opening the washing machine. Labels will prevent you from committing irreversible damage, read them.

In addition, any product that we buy has been studied, so that it can provide the consumer with all the relevant information for that article.

2- Wash clothes only if necessary .

Yes, how many times have you worn a blouse that in reality you have only worn for 2 or 3 hours? As long as you put it on after you got out of the shower, the shirt isn't actually dirty.

It is not necessary that after removing it you leave it with all the clothes in the closet. You can leave a hole in your closet, or place it on a wheeled coat rack, which, in addition to looking great in any space, is an easy way to separate the clothes you've already worn with the ones you haven't. 

3- Do not abuse detergents.

This miraculous product that removes almost any stain can be the worst enemy of your clothes. The amount of product to use will depend on the kg and the dirt of the clothes, therefore, it is important that you limit the amount of detergents using only the right amount for each need. The ideal is to have two detergents, one for stains and white clothes, and another for more delicate garments.

4- Take off your clothes inside out.

Taking care of clothes begins when you take them off. If you remove them inside out, you will help certain patterns not suffer from washing rubbing and, most fundamentally, when you hang them you will already have them inside out so that the sun does not wear their color. In summer, if you have the chance to hang your washed clothes in a shady area, much better!

5- It tends well and you will iron less.

Try to hang the clothes just when the washing machine finishes. Today, the vast majority of washing machines have programs in which you can indicate when you want the wash to end. If you don't have this option, but your washing machine tells you the washing time or you know how long the washes you use the most take, you can program the timer on your mobile to notify you so you don't forget.

To hang clothes we advise you to use metal-free plastic clips, or otherwise make sure they are stainless steel. Wooden clothespins can sometimes stain clothes when they get old, so try to avoid them.

Pants: darts at the waist

T-shirts : face down and the tweezers in the lower contour

Shirts : on hangers and with darts on the shoulders

Skirts : with darts at the waist

6- Do not mix colors . The white with the white and the colored with the colored.

7-Wash by hand.

It is true that when we say wash by hand we imagine granny with carrycots full of clothes. But I assure you that if you start doing this with all those garments that do not need hours of washing, you will save time, since you will use fewer washing machines, a significant saving in water, and many liters of detergent. Simply take a bucket, fill it with water at the recommended temperature, put a finger of detergent in it, stir it and leave it there, for example while you shower, and when you leave, rinse it well, hang it up and that's it, one less item for laundry! washing machine! I assure you that your clothes will look like new much longer.

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