Buying brands is always the best option for you. find out why

Why buy brands?

Buy wisely.

Now, surely you are wondering what this has to do with brands. You are correct, because at first glance, it seems that they do not have much in common.

If you keep reading, you will understand why thought is so important when making a good purchase, so that it is both an investment for our closet and for our pockets.

Has it ever happened to you that you don't even have one more hanger in your closet, yet you don't know what to wear? Oh no, it's the worst thing in the world. When this happened to me (I was also a victim of the blank closet), in addition to realizing that I had lost a lot of money buying with quick thinking, I also realized that I was wasting my time.

And so that this does not happen again, this is where fast and slow thinking becomes very important. The idea of ​​writing this article and applying it to our ensembles comes from the inspiration of the book " Think fast, think slowly " written by Daniel Kahneman , Nobel Prize in Economics.

I recommend reading it is not wasted, if you like to know how our fast and slow thinking affects our day to day, this book is for you. To give you a very brief summary, the book explains how people use these two thoughts and why it is so important to distinguish them in order to use them effectively. Quick thinking is that which occurs instantly, is impulsive, spontaneous and always chooses conditioned by emotions and ego. However, slow thinking makes a quick pause before choosing to choose the most convenient option.

And here it is because of our blank closet. Most of the time when we buy clothes, we do it governed by quick thinking, whether it is on sales (impulse purchases), when we are in a different mood and need to buy to feel better. All this means that 80% of the times we buy are impulsive and under the rules of quick thinking, consequently, we suffer from empty closet syndrome, although it is not an officially recognized syndrome, it is the phrase that I think best suits this mind-blank behavior.

How to organize my closet to buy better? 

If you have proposed to stop having straw in the closet, the ideal would be to take an inventory.

Define which style/s identify you the most, and very importantly, know which colors are the most flattering for you (Are you interested in an article on colorimetry for fashion? Write "color" in the comments).
Let's go there!

Take an inventory of your closet by classifying the clothes by seasons and categories. For example:

Now that you have all your clothes well located, disaster of all the ones you don't wear. Be careful, don't throw it away! Remember that there are many points where you can leave clothes for people who need them.

Count the garments of each season and category. In this way you will know where you need an urgent spare part.

The idea is that you never have a closet full of straw again, and for this, we recommend 7 key points for a good purchase:

1- buy quality clothes

2- if you buy a blouse, make sure you have skirts, pants, etc., to combine them, otherwise, either don't buy it, or buy the whole set, that is, something for the bottom that you can combine.

3- Make sure that the choice is with slow thinking, take a quick tour of your inventory and think if it is what you need the most

4- Brands never leave you. At first they may seem more expensive, but in the long run you will have made one of the best investments. The durability is incomparable to very cheap garments that age with the first wash.

5- make sure you always have a top item that matches a bottom item and vice versa

6-Buy some monocolor seedlings, later we will tell you why it is important.

7-don't forget the accessories. It is better to have one or two very good bags than 10 bad ones.

I already have my entire closet well organized, now how do I choose my outfit ?

Our outfit is something very personal than being marked by the clothes that we have chosen to put in our closet, since we have chosen it ourselves and, therefore, it says a lot about our personality. Even so, we give you 5 tips for those days when the sheets have us trapped.

Take a free test and find out which style best defines you. Test!

1) Unicolor BASE. Combine it with accessories. This choice never fails, if you don't feel like thinking, choose a set or dress in a single color appropriate for the day or season, and personalize it with some accessories. In this type of look, the leading role is taken by the shoes and the bag, hence the importance of having less but better.

2) The JEANS. Yes, they will never abandon you, they are very versatile and you can give it the style you want. Combine them with a jacket and ankle boots for a more office look or with a leather jacket to give it a more rocker style that is useful both for going to the office and for going out for a drink after a long day.

3) SHOES. One of the most important points of any outfit. Has it ever happened to you that you are not completely dressed up or as you would like, but your hair is great and it hides everything? With shoes and bags for the same thing, they give a lot of style and care to your look no matter how you go.

4) ACCESSORIES. It is as essential to wear good glasses as a good watch. With these two well-chosen accessories, I assure you that you won't even notice that you've stayed up all night, nor that you missed your appointment with the manicure.

5) BAG. We have already discussed it, but it deserves a special section. Bags are like shoes and hair. Make sure you have one to go shopping in a single color, which you will call the multipurpose one, ideal for supermoms.

A casual-style shoulder bag, and a monochrome handbag, this one, which will never leave you on impromptu outings.

These 3 bags are your basic wardrobe, after having these 3 covers, you can add more varieties.

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Take an inventory of your clothes and go to to renew your wardrobe.

And do not forget about the thought!

Do you want to discover your true essence and be more you than ever? Of course you do!

Click here to take a test that will help you define your style and be more you than ever.

Discover your true essence.

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