What is the boho style? We tell you everything. Find out if you are bohemian


Boho style, where is the bohemian style born?

The bohemian style or the term boho to refer to a specific style, arises in the city of Paris, France, with the arrival of people who emigrated from a region of the Czech Republic, called Bohemia.

It was said that in this city the way of life was little sedentary. Over time, this style was associated with artists or writers because they were the ones who used to have a more nomadic or unconventional life for the time.

bohemian style

Not always wearing a boho style of clothing has to go hand in hand with a bohemian life, right?

What is the boho style in fashion?

This style is synonymous with freedom, adventure, creativity, nature and a lot of art.

Today, the bohemian or boho chic style has reached the entire world, sneaking into the closets of many women.

It has not been difficult for the boho style to have conquered us, since in addition to being very comfortable, it allows us to be inspired and get all our creativity out, while transmitting a lot of naturalness.

What clothes have a bohemian style?

At Zansa we have selected items from our store that can help you better recognize this authentic style. Take a look at the section.

In the boho style, long and loose skirts abound, prints, flowing fabrics and colors that blend perfectly with nature.

In the clothing category, you can find everything from skirts, dresses, and blouses that, unlike other styles, come full of colors and ethnic-style prints.

If in your case you are in love with jeans, you can also enjoy this magnificent style by opting for high-waisted and flared pants.

In winter clothes, you can't miss corduroy pants with champagne, trench coats, vests, ethnic scarves, many accessories with natural materials such as wood or bamboo, and shoulder bags very much in the Heidi style.

How do I get my bohemian style?

In your list of bohemian garments and accessories you cannot miss:

— Vaporous dresses with ethical or floral prints in earth tones, maroon, that inspire the natural, autumn.

— Artisan, rustic accessories made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo and stones

— Opt for details such as crochet, thread, coconut or bamboo buttons.

— Always have a patterned hat or scarf on hand to give it that chic style that will make all the difference.

At Zansa Shop we have dedicated a special space for our most bohemian clients, find flared jeans, patterned blouses, dresses and the most chic sandals

Don't adapt yourself to fashion, make fashion adapt to you.

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