What is personal style

What is personal style?

Personal style is a reflection of our tastes, our way of seeing life, a mirror to the world of "who we are".

We all have a personal style that we transmit, but is it really what you want to transmit? Does your style of dressing, walking, speaking convey your true essence?

I like to call it my visual business card.

In fashion, personal style is reflected in the clothing and accessories you choose to create your daily looks.

The different styles can range from colorful sets to more neutral and sober tones.

Later we will talk about each of the styles and how to identify them.

We continue!

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Why is it essential to know our style?

The advantages are endless, but let's start with the most important thing, knowing your true essence, your style, will help you feel more confident about yourself.

Knowing your personal style goes beyond saving time choosing everyday clothes, or saving time when you go shopping.

It seems strange, I know, but I want to tell you something that happened to me firsthand, before discovering why it was so valuable to know my style.

One day, doing a wardrobe change, when I saw the winter clothes that I had saved from other seasons, I realized that none of them had anything in common.

I confess, I was even ashamed to think that one day I would wear certain clothes.

Homer, embarrassed, hides in a bush.

But don't worry, if it happened to you too, now comes the interesting part of the story.

How knowing your personal style can change your life

When I got to know my style, I discovered that I could wear seasonal fashion, be very current, but feel myself. And that changed everything.

Now, every time I see old photos or change my wardrobe, I identify with my clothes, but above all, I am more myself than ever.

And I know, you may be thinking, but if I change my hair color every month, how am I going to have a style? Well, that is also within your style, you are dynamic, energetic, you like challenges and innovate, you hate routine. That's something amazing you have to show the world!

Finding the style that identifies you gives you security

Normally, we know how to identify if we like a perfume or not, because it is floral, or perhaps sweet. We know if we like to go heavily made up or prefer a light and natural makeup.

But when we go shopping, everything seems to dwarf us and we want it all, Yes, it is true that the new collections are the best of the best, but what if we make a selection of the new collections to buy the one that is our style?

And so you will never again have to be embarrassed by looking at old photos when making a wardrobe change.

Personal style, along with physical image, will cause you to project an image of yourself. So ask yourself the question, what image do I want to give?

How can I know what my style is?

But if you're not sure, it's normal and that's why you're here and we want to help you be your best version.

When we describe ourselves, we usually use phrases like, I'm happy, introverted, etc., however, when we go to a store or go shopping for clothes, we don't say, I'm a boho style, or I'm a creative style...

If instead of these phrases, we use "I'm classic", "I'm very minimalist", everything would change, since we would choose the perfect clothes, the ones that make us feel better than ever, the ones that really identify us.

The best known styles are:


Minimalist / Natural






Seductive / Night / Glamor

The 8 most popular dress styles in fashion

In fashion you can find many styles, or new ways of calling the existing ones, or new trends that acquire a name, such as the boho chic style.

Below we summarize the most important ones.

Here is a link where you can go to all the collections according to each style.

See collections

Classic style

Elegance is above all. Light colors and smooth prints are the protagonists.

It admits all the classic-style garments, without giving up current fashion, since in the seasonal trends there are always those basic wardrobe items that this style likes so much.

It is a very elegant, sophisticated style, with neutral colors and a lot of sobriety.

Minimalist / Natural

This style is characterized by minimalism, as its name indicates, by freshness and simplicity. Use very vaporous, comfortable and practical fabrics. She does not add too much makeup or accessories to her look.

The minimalist style of clothing is perfectly identified with decoration, architecture, and the minimalist lifestyle. In which all have simplicity in common, the law of less is more.


It is characterized by soft tones, pastels, lace, floral prints and a lot of romanticism in all the garments.

The ruffles, the flowing dresses, are the protagonists in this sweet, fine and delicate style.


Bohemia is synonymous with creativity, sweetness and simplicity in the same style.

This style supports floral and geometric prints very well. As for fabrics, they prefer flowing or flowing fabric, since long garments are the protagonists.

It is a style that encompasses a bit of everyone to achieve a very authentic style, which is why it is also considered something creative, although unlike the creative style itself, in the boho style, earth, green, military, burgundy, sand colors predominate.


It is a style full of color and creativity, it dares to mix avant-garde garments and other very retro seasons, it plays a lot with the color wheel and is guided by trends.

Undoubtedly the most daring style and only suitable for very, very creative people, since inspiration plays a lot here to create a cocktail of clothes that looks very, very chic.


The urban style is very chameleonic, but it has a pattern, the outfits always have denim, sneakers, and comfort is above all else. It is a very comfortable and simple style at the same time; however, the garments that make it up are always seasonal.

Urban style


It is the most chameleon style of all, since it admits almost all styles in oneself, but there is something in this style that is non-negotiable, and that is comfort. The casual style is a style that can be worth as much to go to the office, or to go for a drink after the day. It adapts very well to situations without being too informal or too formal.

Seductive / Night / Glamor

It is a mixture of elegance and sensuality, it is characterized by being on trend, being very elegant and being discreetly avant-garde.

Ready to take on the world?

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I hope I have helped you understand the importance of discovering your true essence and knowing how to identify your style.


If you need help in any way, don't hesitate to write to us!

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