Spring summer 2023 trend

Spring summer 2023 trends: what to wear next season

What garments will be a trend in spring summer 2023?

Designers offer us new trends every year, some remain fashion and others are simply trends.

But if we talk about two garments that have been a trend and seem to stay, these are the out-of-date denim and lingerie or lace.

The new spring summer 2023 season brings us news in fashion like every year, but which garments will be the most viewed? What fabrics and colors will be the protagonists?

It seems that fashion follows the lines that we have already been seeing this past year, although with some novelties.

The lingerie that we have been seeing in different garments, such as bodysuits or bralettes, will continue to be present this 2023 season.

Denims have never gone away, but in this 2023 fashion season the protagonists will be worn and ripped jeans.

As for fabrics, the transparencies will continue to be seen in countless garments, as we have already been seeing, especially at the end of last year.

The colors lower the intensity a bit and we find more pastel tones, in which aqua green will be the star.

distressed denim

distressed jeans

Worn denim will continue to be present this new spring summer 2023 season. The types of cuts in trend are very wide, from high shots and flere, to the loosest oversize type. To choose a Jeans, we advise you to choose the one that suits you the most and with which you feel comfortable, make current fashion adapt to your style and do not dare.

The low shots return and little by little they are gaining ground. The most current trend presents wide jeans with a low waist and ripped or frayed. You can combine them with a fitted sequin or see-through top and an oversized jacket for a total look in the purest 2023 style.

water green

Green water garments

To date, intense colors have been the protagonists last season and colors such as fuchsia, intense green, violet and pink will continue to be so, but in this new 2023 fashion season, the intensity begins to drop a bit and colors such as water green, mauve and somewhat more pastel tones.

If last season seemed intense in terms of color, this will continue to be, but with some more alternatives.

Regarding the colors, we tell you the same as with the jeans, make the fashion adapt to you and choose the color that best suits you.


Transparency skirt

The fabrics that will continue to be present are the transparencies. We will see them in all their shapes and colors, from vaporous garments to the tightest and smallest.

Fitted tops with transparent sleeves have already been seen and will continue to be seen both in monocolor fabrics and in multicolored garments and in different shades.

The skirts will be long, flowing and with a mini interior that will reveal the legs.

In the dresses we find them in different versions, very tight tube type, fitted and draped and there are also loose ones.

It is clear that this new spring summer 2023 season admits a wide variety of tones, colors and textures for all tastes and styles.


The new trends will present us with garments for all tastes and styles. Focusing on the artistic and with cuts that show off the figure to the maximum, something that is not for everyone, but we can always keep what we like the most about the season and what suits us best, according to our curves, height, color of skin and lifestyle

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