What is minimalist fashion? Find out if you are a minimalist


Minimalist fashion refers to a style of clothing and accessories that is characterized by its simplicity and elegance. It is based on simple designs, clean lines and basic colors. The goal of minimalist fashion is to create timeless and durable garments that are easy to combine with each other.

Minimalist fashion, everything you need to know...

When does the minimalist trend start?

This style was born in the 60s, in manifestation to pop art. The idea was to eliminate all noise in architecture and design and tilt art to the completely opposite extreme. Although the father of this movement was Mies van der Robe, the father of the motto "less is more".

Today minimalism is no longer just a fashion or trend, but it is a way of living, a mentality that is expanding more and more.

What is minimalism in fashion?

As its name indicates, it is the simplest style that exists in fashion. A clean style, with sober colors and smooth, simple fabrics.

The minimalist style can sometimes be confused with a classic or natural style, since they all have sobriety in common and highlighting light colors.

Minimalism is a trend that has been around for a while, but has really taken off in recent years.

In fashion, minimalism is synonymous with simplicity, simplicity and sobriety. The garments with simple cuts and light colors stand out.

What clothes are worn with the minimalist style?

But in order to know how to differentiate the minimalist style from the rest of the styles, we will highlight the most relevant points that make this style unmistakable:

— The colors will always be the most neutral within the different color palettes

— The garments will always be basic or with very classic cuts

— The accessories are not the protagonists.

— Accessories, such as glasses or watches, will always be conservative.

— Comfort stands out above any event.

— The style of footwear that minimalists prefer are shoes with a classic and comfortable design

For all this the star garment are all those basic calls or wardrobe funds

Minimalism in all areas of life

The minimalist dress style employs the same rules that are used in decorating the home or in an organization. Choosing the “less is more” rule

In recent years, this style has been gaining ground in both fashion and lifestyle.

The daily hustle and bustle makes more and more people decide to save time when choosing their daily look. That is why they choose to buy the most basic garments of the season.

A brilliant and very minimalist mind

A public figure who was a pioneer and brought fashion to extreme minimalism was Steve Jobs.

The creator of Apple, took minimalism to such an extent that he spent his life dressing the same, but that is very boring for a #zansalover, of course!

Minimalism in current fashion tries to take the simplest garments of the season, such as basic garments, smooth fabrics and more neutral colors. In this way you will have a homogeneous and minimalist wardrobe but without giving up the trends of the season.

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Do you want to know if you are a true minimalist?

If you have felt identified with the garments mentioned above, if you always apply the rule of less is more and you don't like to think too much about daily outfits, surely you are.

In our minimalist fashion section, you will find the most current fashion and the pure minimalist style.

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